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California Environmental Litigation Attorney

An Overview of Environmental Litigation

In owning commercial real estate, there are many environmental factors that can contribute to you, your property, or your environmental interests being harmed. These can include pollution or contamination of your property (which you are not responsible for causing), allegations of environmental liability in the building/management of your property, or being subjected to an environmental agency investigation or enforcement action.

At Manly, Stewart & Finaldi, we are extremely well versed in the various legal aspects of commercial real estate, including environmental litigation. We provide help to clients in environmental matters such as:

  • Cost recovery claims - Previous property owners and businesses often fail to adequately clean up hazardous waste or pollution upon their leaving. We can isolate these responsible parties, and if necessary, file claims to recover costs and provide funding for future compliance.
  • Property Contamination - It could be that your commercial real estate was contaminated by polluters or neighboring landowners. In such cases, we can provide you with representation when making claims for civil trespass, nuisance, or negligence against those responsible. If you are being accused of property contamination, we can aggressively defend you against your accusations.
  • Environmental agency defense - We can defend you and your commercial real estate business against state or federal environmental agency investigations, orders, or enforcement actions. This can include negotiating settlements, helping make sure you are, and remain, in compliance, and assisting you in finding cost-effective solutions to ensure that you are not in violation of environmental law.

A California commercial real estate attorney at our offices is available to consult with you about the specifics of your environmental litigation case.

Do you require help in your environmental litigation case?

In today's world, concern for the environment is stronger than it has ever been. The regulations and laws relating to commercial real estate and its impact on the environment are many, and the violation of any of these can result in substantial consequences for the long-term health of your business. It is to your benefit to seek legal representation for any environmental matter related to your business, as it will provide you with a stronger likelihood of a resolution in which your property, and the environment surrounding it, is fully protected.

Contact a California environmental litigation lawyer if you are a commercial property owner/manager who is in need of help in resolving an environmental issue related to your property.

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